Saturday, September 13, 2008

Truffles' Birthday

Truffles' birthday was September 3rd. We forgot last year to give him a birthday salad(since he can't have cake) so this year we gave him a salad. We put some of his snacks, a orange pepper, a cucumber, a tomato, and salad leafs. He really liked it only he didn't eat it all because it was so much. My mom told me to save it for his snack next time. Last night, I gave it to him and it was all rotten! So instead of that, I gave him some fresh cucumber slices which he stuffed. We had to get Truffles a new cage because the top part of the cage that he slept in broke. His last cage was a CritterTrail3 and we added on a CritterTrail1 to it with CritterTrail Fun-nels and CritterTrail Sky Dome. Those were his birthday gifts only I didn't put them together until last night. So that is how Truffles' birthday party went.


Antipo Déesse said...

Happy Birthday to Truffles!
love from Pauline and Misty


Champsleeve said...


That was Truffles saying thank you.

Kay and Truffles :)