Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Rescued Dog

On Friday, we rescued a dog named Amy. She's my neighbor's dog but since we flooded a few weeks ago they can't live in their house. They thought someone was watching Amy but no one was. My dad and I went back and forth, giving Amy food, water, and attention. She was barking and we didn't want anyone calling the police for her barking. So at about 8:30 on Friday(I was at school already), my mom took Amy and left her in our backyard. I was so surprised when I got home. My mom said that if they don't want the dog back, we can keep her. I was bugging her over the years to get a dog but she said no. I was so happy. We took Amy to Pet Smart and my soccer game. I finally didn't fell left out. We think Amy is part Pitbull, part Labrador Retriever.