Friday, January 4, 2008

A Challenge

This does not have to do with my pets but I found this game that you might like. Its called Monkey Kick-Off and I challenge YOU to this game. See if you can beat my score of 5044 monkey meters. Here's the link.


talia said...

I past your record!!! Ha Ha

from anymous lol


kayleigh said...

i tried betting you kayleigh but i couldnt


Champsleeve said...

First of all, you spelled challenge wrong!!

Second, how are you guys doing this? I can barely get over 100 meters and my best was 509.

- Mom

Champsleeve said...

Ok, I've gotten a little better but still my best is 2682.


Champsleeve said...

I'm starting to get it. I've gotten 3620 as my highest but 5 times I've gotten over 3300. Of course I got less than 200 lots too!!

- Mom