Saturday, April 21, 2007


This is Truffles. I got him last August, the week my cousin was born. I always asked my parents if I could get a hamster but they said NO!

One day, I asked them if I could get a hamster, they said I had to do a lot of research. So, I hopped on the Internet and started to print out about 20 pages at a time. Then, I read all of the pages and my mom took me to Petsmart.

Since I was saving up for an American Girl Doll, I had over $100.00. But my mom said I had to give her half of my money. But this gift was the best gift ever!!! It moves around but an American Girl Doll doesn't move.


Antipodeesse said...

Hi Kayleigh!

You are right about hamsters: they are such cute pets and more fun than dolls. My daughter Pauline is the same age as you, and she totally agrees!

Kay & Mom said...

My mom showed me pictures of Pauline's hamster and that's what made me want a hamster. Do you think Pauline would want to be my penpal? We could talk all day about hamsters.